Mini Aussies are herding and farm dogs. It is important to understand this because it means they are working dogs – in other words – they need something to do…an Aussie that is left idle will usually develop a bad habit because they are not ‘working’ and they become bored…bad habits are things like chewing things you don’t want or a constant ‘pacing’ behavior, etc.


This is generally not a problem when someone is home most of the time, as the dog finds work/entertainment in their human companions or the dog gets daily walks and weekend activities where his energy and mind can be used – even hiking works great, or trips to the park.


Aussies have a great family temperament – they are good with children [within reason – if they are being hurt they will let you know!], and get along well with people, other dogs, and other pets including cats. They can become protective of the home and your family to outside people though, they are naturally wary of strangers – and you will see how strong this protection behavior goes as they grow and experience new people visiting your home. Aussies are wonderful with children. The key is exposure; if the pup has lots of exposure when young to meeting new people [whether at home or out], travel in the car [even to run an errand], etc – they adjust well to any situation.